Covid-19 and the way forward

We are living through a deeply worrying time; we are all in this together and its such as unsettling experience for us all.  However, we are being asked to do one thing that our instincts can hardly bear “to stay apart”. Perhaps whiles we may be separated physically, we can and we must stand together in spirit.

In this anxious time, It is natural to feel a sense of powerlessness as the situation changes by day, but please know that right now there’s someone, somewhere that needs your support, it could be your next door neighbour or someone within your local community or at the other side of the world. This is a crucial time to show more love and be generous.

it’s very tough to know exactly what to do but one thing you can know for sure is that, you are helping.

Lets all continue to help whiles adhering to the government policies.


Thank you