Over 90% of the school pupils in the Nsuaem village in Ghana have never seen or used a computer before. I hope you will agree with me that we are in a technology world and everything is IT based. The children go to school and a learn computing but don’t have any access to a computer to use.


The plan is to establish an Educational Resource Center (ERC) which comprise of a library and a computer training centre in the Nsuaem village to help raise educational standards and individual achievements. This project will benefit over 5200 children (61% are boys and 39 girls) and this will also available for the future generation. To establish a long term partnership relationship with schools and organisation in UK for ideas and resources.

It is needed to ensure that every single child, regardless of their situation, receives a quality 21st century education, skills and competencies that are necessary for their success in their life; this will go a long way to reduce the poverty rate in the community and help empower the children especially the young girls.

Of the estimated budget of £65,000 required, £14,000 has been raised so far and below are some of the update on the project

Please we need your help to complete this project so lets joins hands and make a huge difference

Video 1: The chiefs and people of  Nsuaem breaking the ground to start the library and computer center project


Video 2: General overview of the project